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Subject: The Suppression and Repression of Emotion is perhaps the core problem in society. To be subjective: I see people walking around pretending they: are happier than they are, are more in control than they are, are more satisfied with their options than they are, are not sad, are not filled with longing, are not aware that they long ago cut off that longing, are not horrified by the comprimises they have made and that seem inevitable, not scared, have a positive outlook and so on. Certainly most people can admit they pretend like this when they are down, in crisis, temporarily, on occasion, but I think it runs deeper than that.

Let's set aside the damage this pretending (suppression, repression) does to our bodies are hearts. Let's just look at it in practical terms.

Affects are THE CORE MOTIVATIONAL sources in us. They are the mother of energy adn invention.

the more we pretend things feel better than they do, the more stoic we are, the more we use our minds (pay close attention philosophers) to convince our emotions that we should be happy with what he have, the more we stifle our ability to change things, to move things in the direction of a world we actually would like more.

All the stiff upper lip, be a man and take it, there are people starving in ___________, be more objective, don't let your emotions run away with you, there are plenty of fish in the sea, don't indulge, life is comprimise platitudes are used against the natural emotional reactions, the more we counter change. Philosophy offers vastly more subtle and complicated versions of these platitudes, but however smart philosophers adn their groupies think they are, they believe in axiomatic judgements of emotions (and thereby themselves, and certainly anyone less cut off from their emotions) for reasons they themselves probably do not understand.

It just seems obvious and they can come up with horrible examples of whiners/pertpetual victims to make the suppression of emotions seem proper. And they can come up with fantasies about what WOULD INEVITABLY happen on a personal and societal level if we accepted emotions and their expression much much more.

But these are fantasies, based on fear. Fear that is not felt.

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